What Matters About This Moment

Remember “Vision 2020?”  That was every company’s mantra about five years ago.  2020 was supposed to be the year of clarity; of focus; the year that would show us the way forward.  

I would argue that it still is.  Last week I had an outdoor coffee with a friend who is a psychologist.  The conversation naturally led to talking about emotional well-being at work and in life and we asked, “Why do people seem to need so much coaching and emotional support these days?  Not just in 2020, but leading up to it.  

Our answer was clear. Over the last few generations, the forces that have led to individuals being able to do and be whatever we want, have also led to isolation, too much confusing information, and a thinning of the fabric of community and relationships.

Which is why 2020 matters so much.  This year we realized how simple moments of physical proximity with friends are sacred. We became aware of the power information has over us, and we are understanding that it’s not worth giving up on people we care about just because we are stuck in a point of view.  We also learned that point of view is different from principles. Importantly, we learned this year that we are capable of much, much more change than we had imagined.

So what’s next?  The goal is not to regain something lost, but to move forward with new tools to understand the principles of communication, relationship and community.  This year, it feels like a power with wisdom greater than ours is offering us a wake up and a re-set.

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