Having Trouble Managing Yourself Right Now?

I wish I could claim the title of this post but in full transparency, it was the heading of a Harvard Business Review post.  And when I clicked (which I did because I’m finding it hard to stay motivated right now), the articles were all about sleep deprivation, vacation, time with family, etc.  

It’s hard to want so much to perform well but to feel unmotivated, or anxious, or overwhelmed, or angry. Around June this year, it seemed like all of my clients were saying, “I thought I could stay above the fray with COVID, but suddenly I can’t.”  If you got a break this summer, that helped. But fall is a ramping up time of year and everyone’s feeling it.

Here are my top three favorite tips for combatting burnout and staying motivated, along with that HBR link

  1. Prioritize time off. Vacations, weekends, and end of day cutoff are the first things to go on my calendar.  We need the time, and we need to know we will have a break.
  2. Take on less. This fall I had a program launch planned, then a client told me they need me for four programs. Somethings gotta give. What are three projects (two professional, one personal) that you will focus on this fall?  Put everything else in 2021.
  3. Take care of yourself. Our need for self-care right now is enormous. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, drink, and eat less where you can, take time to be with friends.

Here’s the HBR link

Have a great week and make sure to stop for a little joy.
All my best, Claire

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