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What Sunday Night Dinner Has to Do with Today’s Workplace

Thursday evening we had a multi-family picnic in an NYC playground under beautiful skies. One friend shared that when she was a girl, her extended family had Sunday dinner at her grandparents’ every week. I asked her if her family still does this today. The expected, and given, answer was “No.”   My friend’s story …

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A Gift for the Holidays

One of my best friends recently said, “I know I’m being judgmental, but I think you’re fantastic!” It’s funny how we associate judgment with negativity. My friend and I had a good laugh at that, and it put me in mind of the importance of acknowledgment. Clients often tell me that compliments feel phony or …

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Managing Diversity

The head of HR of a digital ad agency recently expressed to me their need to manage diversity. Whether it’s a client base with diverse consumers, or the reality of an everchanging workforce, diversity is here to stay. Managing it is multi-faceted. And as my HR contact knows, having a workforce that is varied in …

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swinging on the beach

Fun & Recreation

“Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide!” This is one of my children’s current favorites. As I prepare to leave tomorrow for a much needed vacation, I am thinking about the importance of fun, laughter, physical activity and pleasure reading. As Americans, we live in a country where work …

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Over the last several months my practice has expanded to include corporate clients in addition to individuals. Admittedly, I have dragged my feet as I struggled to find the right voice. After all, how can you advocate for the individual and the organization at the same time? Actually, I have always felt that self-aware individuals …

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The Power of Nature

Last week I went with my kids to see “Flight of the Butterflies” at the Natural History Museum.  The movie tells the story of the Monarch Butterflies’ annual migration from the northern US and Canada to a very specific place in Mexico.  Amazing.  It got me thinking about nature’s power, its potential…and its limitations. Also …

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The Land of Oz

If you’ve ever found youself saying, “If I only had X, I’d be happy, successful, rich…”, you are not alone. Related to this, many of us tend to have a vision of someone who does just what we do, but is loved by everyone, has a devoted mentor, is efficient and effective, and never has …

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