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Habit Change is Hard

A funny thing happened last Friday. I felt sad when governor Cuomo did his final briefing. For three months I saved his press conference and watch it while I prepped dinner. First, thirsting to hear the “numbers” as they were going down for New York, but then just listening to him repeat the same reassuring …

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organizational change

Organizational Change is Hard

The last three months have taught us that change is hard. Organizational change is hard too. I’ve worked on teams that had that, “high-five!” energy.  It’s amazing. And the business results are often extraordinary, with creativity that’s off the charts. But even though most of us want that energy, engaging in the change that could …

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Success Without Burnout

Success Without Burnout 

I work with a lot of high performers.  But when I refer to them in that way, they look over their shoulder like they’re looking for the person I’m actually talking about.  And that disconnect between how they perform and how they see themselves costs a lot of energy…which contributes to burnout.  Maybe one of …

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The Rush to Return – Will You Use the Pause to Build a Stronger Team?

A friend shared a great quote with me last week: “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.” ~ Dave Hollis Returning to the workplace. Hmmm. Right now, I’m hearing people say that they don’t want to commute anymore and that working …

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Burnout and Your Inner Critic

Last week I was listening to a meditation by Tara Brach (it’s great BTW, details below) and she said that we have “deep habits of judging ourselves” that she calls “the Trance of Unworthiness.”  Not to be glum, but it made me think about what I’m hearing from clients during the Covid pause. Things like: …

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I Have A Secret

I Have A Secret Last week I saw a psychic. It felt great. The last time I did anything like that was 15 years ago. The most delicious part was that I got to luxuriate in daydreaming about the future! No kidding. The future. After six weeks of not thinking beyond a week, it scratched a very deep …

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