Are You Wasting the Best of Your Team? – Clarity Conversation With Creative Facilitator Martin Holme

One of the small pleasures that emerged from confinement is that the city became so quiet, I could hear loud bird song each morning during my coffee and meditation.  I thought about that last Friday when I had a rich conversation with creativity facilitator Martin Holme.  In corporate life the frantic pace, competition and performance anxiety become like the car and air-conditioner noise in the city — so present that they drown out the creative force in each of us, and in your team.  

In the teams I work with, I so often hear that the people have great respect for each other. That the company has hired amazing talent.  And yet the distractions have a way of dampening that talent.  What if you could actually tap into the best that’s in your team, more of the time?  You could teach them to manage the daily stressors and find their creativity, individually and as a team, so that they could solve bigger challenges and effectively take on the uncertainty and ambiguity that we are facing.

Martin is famous for taking oral care teams to Sweden to sleep at the Ice Hotel and deeply understand freshness.  I love that!  He helps teams reconnect with their creativity which, like that bird song, is a source that keeps on giving.  

Please take a look at our conversation and enjoy!  
All my best,Claire

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